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  • Copper Fields is out now!

    Copper Fields is out now!

    What up y’all! Finally the big annual project from Manikineter is here! Copper Fields is now available on bandcamp, your favorite streaming/download services (via Atypeek Music) and cassette (via Solium Records). Also a brand new video is out for “Your Account is Past Due” which is from Copper Fields. You can check it out here. Check them out and tell your friends!…

  • Corona Updates

    Corona Updates

    What’s up y’all? Hope everyone is in good health and remaining sane over the past month or so. Just checking in with some updates… First up, there are some dates that Manikineter will be performing live and it will be streamed. This can now be viewed here. The first is May 2nd and will be hosted…

  • 2019 Updates

    2019 Updates

    Been a while since this has been updated, but a few things have gone on in that time. Keep reading to get the synopsis… Back in January link2wales was kind enough to release a split project between Manikineter and Teeth Crack of Rhyls (UK).It is available on CD, Spotify (and other streaming services) and it can be downloaded…